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Practical Pad by NORDBAEK – for standing and sitting

Popular stepping pad to protect your feet from the cold ground while drying yourself after the cold swim. It is nice and practical to stand on something warmer than the ground even though drying only takes a few seconds. Often it is this little difference – NOT standing on the frozen ground – that ensures that your feet will regain their heat much faster after the swim.
The mat is also perfect for sitting on after the swim – on the bench, on a tree trunk or on the cold ground. If you are staying to chat with your swimming buddies this is crucial to be able to enjoy the company and not getting too cold on the frozen beach. A lot of people bring the stepping pad on picnics in the forest, too, as it weighs nothing and thus is easy to carry.
The Practical Pad from NORDBAEK has been designed to be a black and discrete practical thing to bring along to the beach - to protect your feet from sharp stones at the pebble beach, the slippery and dirty jetty or in the changing room.
With a weight of less than 20 gr and a practical handle the stepping pad is easy to carry with you wherever you go - just remember to tie the mat to something heavy if the wind is strong. Or put it in the NORDBAEK bag – is it designed to fit perfectly in it.
The EVA foam material is soft and flexible and made with a non-slip surface. To clean just wipe it with a wet cloth with lukewarm water.
The Practical Pad by NORDBAEK is also very popular for protecting the knees when gardening or for outdoor yoga and other similar garden / sporting activities. The NORDBAEK Practical Pad is also used by sailors in the cold cockpit – both for sitting and for kneeling, when working on the boat.
The mat is black with a discrete black logo.

We hope you will enjoy your swimming moments.
Swim & Smile,
Ida & Barbara, NORDBAEK founders

Features of Practical Pad by NORDBAEK:

Soft non-slip surface

Easy to carry

Light weight

Fits inside the NORDBAEK bag

Product information of the Nordic Tote by NORDBAEK:

Dimensions: 31 x 40 x 2 cm

Material: Quick-drying EVA foam

Color: Black with black NORDBAEK logo on one side

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