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Kids Swim Shoes by NORDBAEK – easy to get on and off

Popular swim shoes among kids: “I can get my own NORDBAEK swim shoes on and off all by myself, Mom” – quote from a happy 6-year-old ocean swimmer. The Swim Shoes from NORDBAEK protect your feet at the pebble beach, at the slippery jetty or if you just prefer to swim with shoes because of seaweed etc – as some kids do. The NORDBAEK swim shoes are designed without a shoe shaft to be very easy to get on and off – even with cold and small hands.
The Swim Shoes are very popular all year round and in all kinds of weather. They protect your feet from the cold ground in the winter and are perfect for at day at the pebble beach. The material is specially designed to be quick drying so that you have dry aqua shoes every day, if you go swimming all days in a week.
With a weight of less than 200 gr the swim shoes are perfect to put to bring along in the suitcase – even though you are packing for the whole family. They are great to bring if your next holiday involves swimming from rocks, snorkeling, scuba-diving, a beach with dark sand that can cause pain when walking in the sun, etc. The swim shoes come in practical waterproof quick-lock bag to prevent other things in your bag from getting wet.
The upper material is soft and flexible ensuring the easy handling of the shoes – taking them on and off. The material also has tiny little holes to prevent water from staying in the shoes making them heavy or uncomfortable during the swim. This elastic fabric also makes sure that they stay on even when you are swimming and kicking your legs.
To clean you simply wash your NORDBAEK Swim Shoes with fresh water and leave them to dry until the next day.
Please note: Our swim shoes size a bit small on purpose as they must fit tightly on the foot. We recommend getting your regular shoe size (please also see sole length in cm below for further guidance). If you're unsure which size to choose please don't hesitate to contact us.
The NORDBAEK swim shoes comes in Black with a simple logo on top.
The swim shoes are also suitable for outdoor yoga and other similar sporting activities.

We hope you will enjoy your swimming moments.
Swim & Smile,
Ida & Barbara, NORDBAEK founders

Features of Swim Shoes by NORDBAEK:

Soft stretch material (easy on / easy off)

Anti-slip sole (0.5 cm) and in-sole (0.3 cm)

Light-weight and foldable

Fast drying

Waterproof quick-lock bag

Product information of the Soft Aqua swim shoes by NORDBAEK:

Available in 3 sizes: 31/32 (20.0 cm), 33/34 (21.0 cm) and 35/36 (22.0 cm). Please note that the measurements refer to the length of the sole.

Materials: Upper part is 95% polyester and 5% lycra (spandex), bottom sole is 100% TPR rubber.

Washable by hand in water, flat dry, do not place on heater etc

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