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You have created a beautiful assortment of functional clothes for cold baths, can you tell us about how it all started?

Large icicles were hanging from the pier and it was freezing cold. We were going for our daily swim together in Øresund from the pier in Vedbæk – this day was particularly cold and windy.

Ida & Barbara are friends and partners in NORDBAEK

Like so many times before, we talked about the need for a warm and windproof bath robe to wrap around us when we get out of the water. We imagined a robe that could keep our hands warm with an easy closing mechanism that would protect us from the often icy winds.
The ideas stayed with us for the rest of the winter and in August 2017 we finally decided to make our dream come true and embark on this exciting adventure together.

Tell us about the functionality of your clothes

With NORDBAEK we want to design products that make the experience by the sea and in nature even better.
We believe that you should always be dressed in the right way according to the weather and at the same time be well-dressed.
All our robes for men and women are windproof and warm and of the best quality thermo quilt with either fleece or cotton on the inside. They have special designed mittens and magnetic closing mechanisms. All designed by us – for winter swimmers by winter swimmers. Our swim shoes, bath pads, towels and bags are accessories you can decide to add to your swimming kit – to make our experiences by the ocean even better.

Ida & Barbara bathing in slush-ice in Vedbaek, Denmark - so much fun :)

You have put a lot of energy and timeinto the NORDBAEK brand, what are you most proud of?

Our friendship. We actually most proud of our friendship, because without each other neither of us could have done, what we have done together. Since the beginning we decided that our friendship and personal lives should always be a priority. Along our exciting and hard start-up journey NORDBAEK has developed into a small high-end brand and our friendship has developed into a solid rock where we can both come crying and laughing.

What are your most important drivers to take cold baths?

We love the energy boost you feel when you go swimming everyday in the ocean. We feel an increase of wellbeing and happiness in our bodies and minds. You can come the beach stressed out and tired on a grey and dark Wednesday afternoon – and straight after your dip you cannot help smiling and feeling happy and energized. This is one of the free luxuries of life. Natural endorphins are released in your brain every time you go for a dip or swim in the Ocean. It simply makes you happy.

We also love to be by the sea all year around to follow the way the ocean changes in colours. Sometimes it is rough and wild and sometimes it is calm and quiet. Being a part of nature every day – to follow the weather and seasons makes us feel connected to Mother Earth.

For how long have you been taking cold baths?

Since 2017 we have gone swimming almost every day all year around, either together or with other friends or family. We are totally addicted to the energy boost that we are getting on a daily basis from the Ocean.

Is this a full time job or do you have other engagements beside NORDBAEK?

NORDBAEK is our full time passion and job – we are very proud of what we have created. We love going work every day together as friends and partners. 

Ida & Barbara have been friends since high school and created NORDBAEK in 2017 together - a high end luxury brand for winter swimmers all over the world: 


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