Like so many times before, we talked about being in need of a warm and windproof bath robe to wrap around us before and after our cold water swim. On the list of desired functionality we noted a smart feature to keep our hands warm, easy-close function and a tight-fitting hood to protect us from the often icy winds.

The idea stayed with us for the rest of the winter and in August 2017 we finally decided to make dreams come true and embark on this exciting adventure together. We both love to be by the sea all year around and we especially love winter swimming. With NORDBAEK we want to design and offer high quality products that make the experience of being by the sea - and in nature in general - even better!

We are proud that so many men & women are already using our products in Denmark, Scandinavia, all of Europe and around the world from Australia to Greenland. Whether our customers winter & ice swim, sail their boats or just love to spend time in the garden feeling warm and well-dressed at the same time wearing their NORDBAEK robe or jumpsuit :)

We have many new product ideas in the making! Please don't hesitate to contact us with comments, questions or suggestions - we'd love to hear from you:

Thank you so much for your interest in NORDBAEK - we really appreciate it!

We wish you many great outdoor experiences now and in the future :)

Swim & Smile
Ida & Barbara