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Fleece or cotton terry?

We love all our products :) Just like with our children it’s impossible for us to choose a favorite! That being said all NORDBAEK products are designed for different purposes, needs and preferences with different types of customers in mind.

For this reason we are so grateful for getting lots of relevant questions about our products on a daily basis.

One question in particular is frequent in the mail box: Which swim robe lining is best – cotton terry or fleece?

Whether a person prefers one type of lining over the other is very individual. Thus we have decided to make this small guide helping you choose which material is best suited for exactly your needs and lifestyle.

Happy reading :)

In short, the fleece robe is preferred if you want to stay extra warm before and after your swim as fleece is a slightly more isolating material than cotton terry. But since fleece does not absorb water we advice you to bring along a towel to dry your body after your swim before putting the swim robe back on.

In other words - with NORDBAEK’s fleece bath robes don’t hesitate to bring the coffee or tea thermo along to enjoy a long relaxed break out in nature. The windproof top layer combined with the lovely soft fleece lining will keep you warm for hours and prolong the fresh feeling you get in the body after your cold water swim.

Biggest advantage - fleece: The NORDBAEK fleece swim robes will keep you warm, even long after coming out of the cold water. Just remember to also bring a towel to dry yourself before putting on the robe :)
Our eco-tex cotton terry swim robes function just like a soft towel that wraps your body and absorbs the water from your skin which means that even on cold and windy days you quickly become dry and warm again after your swim.

Cotton terry lining is the best choice if you prefer to jump in the water and jump straight back out and into your robe afterwards without drying yourself with a towel first.

However, if you want to sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee after your cold water swim you should be aware that the robe will feel slightly damp from having absorbed the water from your skin.

Biggest advantage – cotton terry: You don’t have to bring along a towel. Our soft, water-absorbent and windproof cotton terry bath robe is everything you need for your quick cold water swim.

Swim & smile

Barbara & Ida