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The NORDBAEK changing robe is designed to be used by everyone - both men & women, adults and children :) It is made in one colour: Navy Blue.

The NORDBAEK changing robe is designed in a wide design for an easy change of clothes underneath.  

PLEASE NOTE that the changing robe is designed in a length that ends mid-shin or just below the knee, depending on the person's height. Please see MEASURE B for further information (below).

USE THESE GUIDELINES when choosing a size:

SIZE 4: For men (180-185 cm) and tall women with shapes, we recommend size 4.

SIZE 3: For average women and men who are 180 or under, we recommend choosing size 3.

SIZE 2: For smaller women and teenagers, we recommend size 2.

SIZE 1: And for the smallest, children between 8-12 years old, it is size 1 that we think fits


MEASUREMENT A (on the drawing above):

From shoulder seam to shoulder seam - please note: The poncho has so called dropped shoulders, which means the shoulder measurement is extra wide on purpose as it extends down the upper arm (depending on which size you choose).

  • Size 1: 65 cm
  • Size 2: 75 cm
  • Size 3: 85 cm
  • Size 4: 95 cm

MEASUREMENT B (on the drawing above):

Full length front - please note: The full length of the back side of the poncho is approximately 5 cm longer than the front side (applies to all sizes). 

  • Size 1: 85 cm
  • Size 2: 95 cm
  • Size 3: 105 cm
  • Size 4: 115 cm