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Our swim shoes are correct to size, but can - intentionally :) - seem a little small. They need to be - to fit the feet well and stay on while swimming.

We therefore recommend that you choose the shoe size you usually use.

Please note that some of our customers think that the swim shoes are too small when they first put them on - but when they swim with them - they usually rarely are.

They must fit well on the foot, and feel small/tight when worn.

Swim shoes should not be compared to ordinary shoes, as they are made of elastic lycra and will not pinch. The toe should also stick out a little beyond the sole.


Available for adults in 6 sizes:

Note: Cm measurement is the length of the rubber sole. The length of the sole should preferably be a little shorter than your foot, as the fabric is elastic (again, the toes should stick out slightly beyond the sole):

Str. 37/38 (23.0 cm)

Str. 39/40 (24.5 cm)

Str. 41/42 (26.0 cm)

Str. 43/44 (27.0 cm)

Str. 45/46 (28.0 cm)

Str. 47/48 (29.0 cm)


Available for children and small feet in 3 sizes:

Str. 31/32 (20.0 cm)

Str. 33/34 (21.0 cm)

Str. 35/36 (22.0 cm)