We think that May is one of the most beautiful months and we are in a spring mood. Nature is lush, the days are long and we absorb all the energy that we can.


We have made a special SPRING / SUMMER OFFER for you: 


We are in a super spring mood and want to spread sun and beach atmosphere with an offer from us to you on the occasion of nature appearing right now 🌷

Our popular summer coats are brilliant for the year-round bather, the beach trip, for the terrace, for cozying up at the cottage and right after the bath a slow Sunday morning.

We have reduced Sandy Cliff & Summer Waves summer robes by 20% so you can secure a luxurious summer robe for the summer months ahead of us.

Summer Waves before €135 NOW only €110 🌾 Read more here.

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Read our TRIBUTE TO MAY - why we love May - here:



Nature wakes up after the long winter. The leaves on the trees are light green. The flowers spring everywhere. The cherry trees are pink. The sun peeks out from its winter hiding place. It's time to get out and be even more in nature. After a long winter, it is liberating to go outside in the fresh air. Green surroundings have been shown to have a positive effect on getting better sleep, reducing stress, increasing creativity and providing a sense of well-being.



May is usually a month of mild weather and fresh spring air – and a perfect temperature to be active in. The sun often shines and the weather is warm enough to enjoy nature without getting too cold or too hot. The temperature is perfect for doing sports because you don't get too hot. And the air is fresh to enter the lungs.



The water is still cold. If you bathe all year round, you can agree with us that this is an advantage, as you can still get your daily energy boost when you jump into the cold water. The mild weather in May makes the experience by the water more summery, as the air is warm with cool, clear, clean water.



May is also the month when you can really feel that the days have gotten longer. It finally gets light in the afternoons and evenings. This means you can spend more time outdoors and enjoy the light and nature.



The birds again sing their beautiful songs, which can be heard from early morning until sunset. The light tones create a beautiful atmosphere in nature, the garden and the park. It is a time when you can really enjoy nature and experience its beauty in a very special way, either alone or with wonderful people.



Cycle for a nice long ride in the evening sun Have a picnic with a bonfire in the green forest Get up early and watch the sun rise over the sea, followed by a refreshing swim.




We are in a spring mood 🌷


Summer Waves before €135 NOW only €110 🌾 Read more here.

Sandy Cliff before €175 NOW only €135 🐚 Read more here.

While stocks last.



Summer love from, 

Ida & Barbara