Nordic Hamam NORDBAEK Cosy Comfort - oeko-tex, extra large and thick - Dusty blue - navy blue


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Product Information

Nordic Hamam by NORDBAEK – soft oeko-tex towel for the whole family

The hamam towels from NORDBAEK are soft and big plus made from the highest quality of thick 100% oeko-tex cotton. We have chosen to weave the NORDBAEK hamam towels on a beautiful dusty blue thread that give all the towels a special Nordic look to them (usually, hamam towels are woven on white threads). Thus all three towels are made in blue tones which make them excellent for a beautiful mix and match on the beach or in the bathroom.
The NORDBAEK hamam towels are extra large compared to the standard size of a hamam towel – which gives you 1 x 2 meters of soft towel to lie on at the beach or wrap yourself in after the bath. The big size also makes it perfect for wearing as a beautiful sarong, too. In the sauna it is very nice to sit on a big towel to avoid your legs when sitting on the hot wooden bench.
The Nordic Hamam by NORDBAEK is ideal for taking along to the beach or out travelling, as it doesn’t take up too much space in the bag, compared to a normal towel. The NORDBAEK hamam towels have the same high absorbency effect as you are used to from other towels, even though the hamam towels are thinner and lighter than a conventional cotton terry towel. As an extra bonus they dry quickly after use.
All NORDBAEK hamam towels are made in certified 100% oeko-tex cotton. Wearing NORDBAEK you know that everything in the supply chain is fully responsible and takes good care of our Planet.

The NORDBAEK hamam towels come in three beautiful Nordic bluish colors - all uniquely woven on a dusty blue thread. The three color ways are: The NORDBAEK Dusty aqua / Dusty Blue, our classic Navy Blue / Dusty Blue and our popular Anthracite Grey / Dusty Blue. And thus a subtle mix and match of the three colors in the bathroom or sauna.

We hope you will enjoy your swimming moments.
Swim & Smile,
Ida & Barbara, NORDBAEK founders

Features of Nordic Hamam by NORDBAEK:

Soft 100% oeko-tex cotton hamam towel

Larger than most hamam towels: 1 x 2 meters – can vary because it is man made

Ideal for travelling and for the beach as it takes up less space than normal towels

Fast-drying thanks to the weaving technique and the 100% cotton quality

Nice and thick quality woven on a dark dusty blue to give it a Nordic touch

Product information of the Nordic Hamam towel by NORDBAEK:

Size: 1 x 2 meters (can vary: 95 x 197 cm)

Material: 100% oeko-tex cotton

Washable at 30°, low cycle, hang dry

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