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Windproof changing robes - fleece or cotton terry

NORDBAEK has designed a completely new unisex changing robe in 100% recycled materials. The stylish Nordic design is very classic and comes in NORDBAEK's signature colour Navy Blue. The changing robes are designed for both women and men by winter swimmers - for winter swimmers.

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Changing robes by NORDBAEK 

The changing robe is designed in a long-lasting design and quality with no disturbing logos - which ensures you to stay stylish - also when going to your local swimming spot with your friends.  

The changing robe is 100% windproof and water-repellent. NORDBAEK's changing robe comes with two different linnings: Cotton terry and fleece. 

The cotton terry linning is popular for SUP, surfing trips and year-round swimming. The cotton linning will absorb the water and make the clothes / wetsuit changes at the beach easy and comfy.

Whereas the robe with fleece linning is very warm and exellent for winter swimming / cold water swimming in the roughes of environments. It will keep you warm both before and after your swim. 

Note that size 4 is good for a person at the height of 180 cm or more and will go to about 15 cm below the knee. Size 3 is great for adults 165-180 cm. Size 2 is great for the active teenager. Size 1 is good for children from the age of 9 years. 


Poncho / changing robes by NORDBAEK

Choose between two versions: EASY LAGOON with cotton terry on the inside, which absorbs the water, and LAZY POOL with fleece on the inside, which is warm and perfect for the most extreme conditions.

They are both made of 100% recycled materials and are also 100% windproof and water-repellent. 

When changing at the beach after your swim or surf trip, it can be nice to wear a big nice poncho / changing robe that can be zipped up in the front. That's why NORDBAEK has now designed this stylish change robe.

The poncho has deep large pockets with a zipper, so you can keep track of your keys and phone. In addition, it has a nice fitted hood, for the windy days. The sleeves have extra length and can be folded down or up according to the weather.  

The Easy Lagoon poncho is great in the summer time - just worn with brown legs and a pair of thongs - when you go to the beach.

It is popular for SUP, surfing and year-round swimming - or evenings in the cool breeze by the sea. 

The changing robes will arrive in summer 2022 in navy blue and you can sign up right now to be notified when they land in our warehouse.